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The greatest Council in Church history, Vatican II, envisaged a new structure of running a parish and carrying out effective pastoral work. The Fathers of the Council believed that the parish priest should involve lay people by listening to their initiatives, and confirming and reassuring them in carrying out different pastoral activities in the parish. Vatican II firmly believed that lay people were a vital part of the Body of Christ, as they are rooted in the life and teaching of Christ and so they must not be left in the margins. According to the Council, the priest was to sit down with a representative body of parishioners to take advice from them and draw them into sharing spiritual responsibility for each other.  More recently, the new Code of Church Law of 1983, echoing the spirit of the Vatican Council, advocated the existence of an active Pastoral Council in every parish.

This was one of the items we discussed in our PPC meeting. We were given a document prepared by the diocese on how to conduct the PPC in a format that will involve every parishioner. Some present members of the PPC wish that we reconstitute a new PPC so that other members of the parish may have the opportunity to serve our parish. Please pray for this intention and when the opportunity comes, be willing to volunteer and serve the Body of Christ.


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